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We are currently unable to offer hacking over the chase due to the volume of lessons.

We will advise when we can once again offer this facility.

Hacking on Cannock Chase

Over recent years hacking on the local roads has become too dangerous for most horses and riders, so hacking is restricted to Cannock Chase, where, although no traffic, there are plenty of bicycles and pedestrians. Riders on Cannock Chase therefore have to be extremely competent and confident.

We only take small groups (Maximum of 4) out riding across the chase, and tend to cover quite a lot of hill work and some fast work. For this reason we cannot take novice or nervous riders out on these rides.

Rides are of approximately 1 - 1.5 hours duration depending on how much fast work we do.

Horses are taken by lorry to Cannock Chase which takes approximately 10 minutes, and clients are asked to meet us at the Stables rather than on the Chase, as if someone can not make it at the last minute, it saves us having a horse at Cannock Chase without a rider!

We do not have specific times for hacking out, it depends on availability of horses and lorry drivers!


Over the winter period we often have rides available at a weekend. and can often arrange midweek rides to suit your own requirements.

Rides currently cost £30 including transport to the Chase and need to be booked direct with Tim Downes.

REMEMBER we can only take experienced, competent, confident riders out on Cannock Chase.

email Tim if you are interested.
If you want to enjoy riding over the chase but lack the experience to join one of our fast rides then we reccommend

Cannock Chase Treking Centre.